German glassmaker Wiegand-Glas has decided to invest into Tiama IQ Scan as a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) in their 4 facilities.

The glassmaker has adopted Tiama system to replace existing solution at its plant in Ernstthal. The project also includes several iAfis systems upgrades toTiama IQ Scan in the 3 other plants in Steinbach am Wald, Großbreitenbach, and Schleusingen.

The group started to use Afis technology in 1996. Each day it produces more than eight million glass containers for the beverage and food industries.

The Tiama IQ Scan’s role is to collect data from all machinery involved into the glass process, including Tiama inspection machines, laboratory and mold shop.

With its web design, all actors of the glass plant can monitor their production lines, understand where the losses are coming from and therefore increase their efficiency.

The Tiama IQ range was designed to support glassmakers with real-time data, and allow access to relevant information required for the decision-making process

This new step towards the smart factory monitoring reinforces the Wiegand-Glas and Tiama cooperation that started 25 years ago.


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