Verallia has produced the new bottle for Santo Grau Pirajá Velha Guarda cachaça. The Bordeaux 1l model, usually used for wines, enhances the product’s premium appearance. Its green colour breaks with the packaging codes for cachaça, usually made of flint glass, and protects the product from damaging UV rays: the bottle can be closed thanks to its cork.

This exceptional product is the result of a partnership between the Brazilian cachaça brand Santo Grau and Pirajá, a chain of trendy bars in São Paulo. This cachaça is craft made in Paraty in the State of Rio de Janeiro, with the same methods since 1803.

In Brazil, Verallia’s manufacturing set-up includes three plants in the South-West of the country (São Paulo, Campo Bom and Porto Ferreira). Verallia Brasil is a leading player on the beer, still and sparkling wines markets. The business is also present on the spirits segment such as cachaça, without forgetting the food and soft drinks market.



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