Kirova has opened new exhibition halls of the Museum of Art Glass at the Central Park of Culture and Recreation.

The first show – New Arrivals – will present works that were purchased by the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg or donated to the museum. Basically, these are works by artists who worked during the heyday of Soviet glass production at various factories in the country.

The main exposition of the Museum of Art Glass, in the Greenhouse Corps of the Elaginostrovsky Palace Ensemble, presents works by artists of the Leningrad Art Glass Factory.

In the new exhibition space the works of the artists of the Gusev Crystal Factory (Gus-Khrustalny), artists of the Krasny Mai (Vyshny Volochok) plant, the Krasny Gigant (Nikolsk) factory, the Belorussian plant Neman and the Ukrainian glass factory in Lviv.

The exhibition of new acquisitions of the Museum of Art Glass is diverse according to the presented methods of work in the material of the best artists of the country. It is interesting for choice and the disclosure of topics, according to emotional colour expression.

The exhibition New Arrivals will also include a section of Western European glass of the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, which became a standard in the development of world art glass. He presents a collection of elegant vases of the world-famous French artist Emile Galle, performed in the classical for Halle technique of multi-layer etching. The works performed at the production of the Dom brothers (Nancy, France) are displayed nearby.


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