Suffolk-based UK brewery, St Peter’s, has invested in new light-weight bottles and signed a waste-reducing contract with a local recycling firm.

Keen to improve its eco-credentials and ensure as little waste as possible is sent to landfill, St Peter’s has just launched its new, oval-shaped light-weight bottles which are 41g lighter than before. “This is an excellent step for us from an environmental point of view,” explains Steve Magnall, chief executive, St Peter’s Brewery. “It means we can now carry an additional 11,000 bottles per load, thus reducing our carbon footprint for deliveries and transit.”

As well as the new bottles, St Peter’s has also just signed a contract with Radical Waste of Beccles, which provides a one-stop-shop for all its packaging waste. “This means that from now on all our card, plastic and waste will be collected by one supplier. It also means we expect to send only 1% of our waste to landfill from now on,” continued Magnall.

“Minimising our environmental impact is hugely important to the team at St Peter’s and we are always looking at ways to reduce our waste and our carbon footprint. We will continue to consider even more options as we move forward and ensure we are doing all we can to be as environmentally aware as possible.”


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