From tumblers, tulip beer glasses, champagne coupes, and more, what exactly are the different types of glasses?

The basic rule of thumb is that there really is a special glass for everything. If you are the type of person who drinks everything out of a mason jar, well then, right on. You keep doing you. For everyone else, the key is to decide which glasses are necessary for your lifestyle. If you and your partner enjoy beer, then it makes the most sense to focus on beer glasses.

Tumblers are flat-bottomed glassware that comes in different sizes. Taller Iced Tea glasses and shorter old-fashioned glasses (also called a Rocks glass) are both tumblers, as are shot glasses and Collins glasses (which are tall and slender).

Iced tea glasses and old-fashioned glasses can serve as your go-to glasses for all kinds of non-alcoholic beverages. Rocks glasses can also be used to serve whiskey (both neat or on the rocks) and can be utilized for cocktails as well.

Stemware describes those types of glasses that stand on a stem and include goblets, wine glasses, flutes, cocktail glasses, and more. The idea behind stemware glasses is that by holding the glass by the stem, the temperature of the beverage in the glass will not be as impacted by our body warmth.

If you don’t have a large home, having multiple sets of stemware is just not an option. That’s okay. Unless you are a sommelier or a wine collector, you probably can’t tell the difference between red wine served in a Bordeaux glass or a Pinot Noir glass (yes, there are actually glasses made to serve different varieties of wine in).

Just like wine glasses, there are a multitude of glasses on the market claiming to offer increased taste for various types of beer. How many glasses can one household realistically have on hand for beer, though? Unless you are beer brewer, stick with the pint glass and half pint glasses. The pint glass can double as everyday water glasses and the half pint glass will work for your higher alcohol by content beers.

And for the connoisseurs, grappa glasses are small because grappa is a very strong spirit. Stemware once again to keep it cool, and it also has a bulb shape at the bottom because spheres are very good at maintaining temperature. From there it flares upward to give you a little bit of that aroma.

Naturally, there are tons of other glasses. Shot glasses for went you want shots, margarita glasses for margaritas, dram glasses for sipping Scotch, snifters for when you want to snift things. The list goes on and on, but these are the basics that will help you pretend you’re classy. Yeah, you can drink any of these things out of a coffee mug, but having the right tool for the job generally adds to the experience.


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