Nachtmann Debuts Punk Glassware Line

Nachtmann Debuts Punk Glassware Line

Nachtmann, as part of the continuation of its NEXTGEN program, in which the manufacturer collaborates with leading international design schools, has debuted its latest line, Punk.

This year, 10 students of London’s Central Saint Martins were invited to partake in the NEXTGEN project. During the competition period, from December 2015 to June 2016, they gained insights into the production, design development and brand philosophy of Nachtmann, in order to make innovative designs tailored to the values of the brand, according to the company.

Two winners were selected out of the resulting designs, including the cheekily abrasive Punk by Anke Buchmann. It coincides with the 40th anniversary of Punk culture, according to the company.

“In keeping with the Punk movement, I wanted to rebel and break with the norm,” said Buchmann. “I began to sketch some typical surfaces and patterns of punk, such as rivets and grids. Moving on from these literal translations of key Punk visuals, I progressed to a broader interpretation of the movement, letting the attitude shape the form. At the same time, I carefully researched Nachtmann’s approach to texture and patterns so I could merge this with the Punk style.”

Richard Voit, CEO of Nachtmann, added, “With every NEXTGEN design competition, we are delighted to be able to implement innovative and creative designs inspired by international influences of young designers.”

The Punk collection features whisky tumblers, long drink tumblers, martini glasses, and a whiskey set consisting of a decanter and two tumblers, as well as color variations of the tumblers in gunmetal, jet black, copper and ruby. The Punk lineup will be available to purchase this spring.


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