Luxury Czech glass producer Moser, internationally recognized as one of the finest producers of hand-blown lead-free crystal since 1857, presents its unique Lord’s Rock vase, which display the unique colour recipes of Moser – closely guarded secrets of Moser’s craftsmen.

The Lord’s Rock is a massive, yet uniquely harmonious masterpiece, inspired by the imposing natural basalt rock formation Panská Skála.

Just like its inspiration, this collection of vases forces people to stop and ponder dreams and the skills of nature. The edges and broad spaces within this vase make unexpected connections.

Designed by Lukâš Houdek, the Lord’s Rock vase stands at 36cm tall and is available in three colour combinations; clear and smoke, alexandrite opal orange and alexandrite and aquamarine rose and clear.

The luxury crystal brand is named after Ludwig Moser, who established his own engraving workshop and glass shop in the centre of Karlovy Vary near the Market Colonnade in March 1857. In less than twenty-four years, he laid the foundations of a unique glassworks where glass-masters and engravers create unique crystal works. Luxury beverage sets, decorative objects and Moser master-engravings are popular items among foreign and local lovers of original crystal works. At home, in the Czech Republic, Moser is perceived as the most luxurious Czech brand.


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