Know-how, Italian spirit, innovation and differentiation are the characteristics that make Labrenta a touchstone in the closures market for spirits, wine, oil & vinegar and beer.

For over 45 years now, Labrenta has continued to stand out from the others thanks to its way of working: tests and preliminary analysis allow to guarantee the best product performance, thought and realized to solve problems and demands.

Company strategy is driven by research and experimentation, and there is always commitment in the study of processes and new technologies to provide the right closure.

Providing the right closure does not just mean giving the customers any top, but the right one, the perfect closure for each specific need.

The investments in R&D launched in the last year, together with the continuous study of techniques and innovative materials, have been created thanks to the intuition and the awareness of adopting an approach which is actually people-based and oriented. This is how D.Vision came about, the creative and practical soul of the company in which a young, professional and highly qualified team works, dedicated exclusively to the development of new projects that come to life thanks to listening to customers’ needs and ideas. Ideas that, thanks to the latest-generation 3D printing, are able to become reality in a very short time.


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