Iittala launches Raami, a new tableware collection designed by Jasper Morrison. The carefully composed pieces in ceramic, glass and wood are intended to work together to promote a good atmosphere at the table from morning to night. Just like a family or a group of friends: each part of the Raami collection brings something special to the table and to the home.

When designing Raami (frame in Finnish) for Iittala, Jasper Morrison considered the role that objects have in creating atmosphere. Good atmosphere at the table frames the moment and enhances our enjoyment of food, family and friends.

“Making good atmosphere is a human instinct which plays a part in improving the quality of our everyday lives,” says Jasper.

The aim was to create a dining collection that brings an inviting and informal disposition to the table, one that helps people delight in the sharing of meals – whatever the occasion. The result of the design process is Raami, Iittala’s new dining collection by Jasper Morrison that inspires better living by focusing on the essential.

Raami is a collection of dining items, designed with great attention to detail. Ostensibly, the range elicits a sense of familiarity and comfort, although it’s only when one takes a closer look do its finer characteristics become apparent.

Jasper continues: “The collection consists of a family of relatives which have varying characters according to types. Plates, bowls, glassware and various additional ‘relatives’ have different but related characters which combine on the table to provide a rich setting for breakfasts, lunches and dinners.”

The collection is composed of four looks. The drinking glasses, carafe and tea light candle holders echo the same fluted, tactile design. Light creates interesting shades as it passes through the pieces. The stemware forms another style: considered proportions combine with simple and elegant shapes to reward the diner with a relaxed form that serves one purpose – to enjoy their glass of wine.

The ceramic items form a third look – porcelain plates and bowls have a particular curved edge which ends with a subtle rim detail which elegantly frames the dish. Finally, the wooden serving boards form the fourth look. They bring a new functionality to the collection, allowing a more casual arrangement of foods and enrich it by bringing natural warmth to the table setting.

The four looks combine to create a balanced and harmonious tablesetting.

“I have a feeling that the days of the fully matched tableware sets are over,” adds Jasper. “What counts more these days is the atmosphere of the table. I noticed that a table with unmatched well-chosen pieces loosens the formality of a table setting and helps create a more homely and relaxed atmosphere. Raami items work together in an interesting way, influencing not just the atmosphere but behaviour as well. Every item in the Raami collection is an equal part of the entity, perfect on its own, yet meaningful to the collection.”

Jasper Morrison is a leading designer, considered to be one of the most accomplished product designers of his generation. He believes the role of the designer is not to invent form, but rather to be open to the surrounding world, reapplying form to meet new purposes.

Jasper is especially interested in those everyday objects that are so good in their design they almost go unnoticed. He admires “the mysterious quality and naturalness which anonymous objects, free of their author’s ego, so often have.”

He sees such anonymous objects as a reminder for designers that “in the real world an object depends on its long-term usefulness for survival”.

Jasper Morrison’s design philosophy finds a common ground with Iittala’s design language; to create objects which by their progressive and functional, yet aesthetically pleasing design become timeless and will never be thrown away. Iittala believes that good design is always designed with thought and with function in mind and made available for everyone.



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