Those who like retro glassware may want to add these Gemma Leamy vases for Dartington Crystal to their Christmas list.

Of course, they certainly do not look like new designs, but that is what we are talking about here. Contemporary designer Gemma Leamy is about to launch her first collection with Dartington Crystal and as you can see here, she has looked to the past for inspiration.

In fact, these could easily pass for 1960s and/or mid-century modern glass pieces, especially Scandinavian designs. That’s the market they are aimed at, but without the hefty price tags of vintage pieces. Designs like this can go for a pretty penny. Or at least, the more notable designs can.

Not that most people will realise they are new – the colours of the Bubble Vase Collection are very much of the past, which you can see above. Those colours are described as Topaz, Amethyst and Ink Blue, all of which sit well together, but can easily take the eye on their own.

These vases are on the affordable side when it comes to interior decoration. You are looking at around GBP 30 for each, which certainly isn’t breaking the bank. They are expected to be in the shops in the coming weeks.


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