With Asians’ wine consumption growing in recent years, people across the continent pay more attention to wine tasting and wine accessories.  To cater to this group of wine lovers, Lucaris, Asia’s first world-class luxury crystal brand, has designed an array of exquisitely crafted crystal creations.

Founded in Thailand nine years ago, Lucaris crystal is now expanding its reach to markets throughout Asia. The brand is also the preferred crystal glassware for leading 5-star hotels in the region such as The Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons Hotel, and Shangri-La Hotel.

“The Lucaris brand is very young compared to other brands. We persistently make a big investment to elevate our premium Asian-made glass crystal to compete on the global stage. We strive to increase our potential to respond to Asian’s changing lifestyle and its palates,” says Mr. Uday Verma, Executive Director of Ocean Glass.

Ocean Glass, the parent company of Lucaris, has a slogan – ‘Life is pleasure’. They want to bring pleasure to life thus Lucaris is a premium life pleasure. The brand, born in Asia, means that some of its characteristics and DNA are more suitable for Asians, and for serving the food and wine of Asia.

“We have more than 30 years manufacturing [experience] in glassware. We are the first company to make crystal glass in Asia. The owners of Ocean Glass, they have a wish for a more prestige brand suitable for the Asian area,” says Eddie Chew, Customer & Channel Development Director-Greater China of Lucaris.

Although the brand is based in Asia, Lucaris wine accessories is a collaborative achievement involving Ocean Glass, Toyo-Sasaki Glass and Martin Ballendat, a multiple award-winning German designer whose works appear in the portfolios of many world-class brands. “We use the same technology as the Europeans and we put more passion and emotion [into it]. We put [our] soul into it to make it very Asian. That’s why we call ourselves the crystal of modern Asia,” Verma continues.

Lucaris glassware has been meticulously designed and crafted down to the smallest detail in order to ensure the highest degree of functionality and aesthetic quality evoking all the senses whilst meeting the demands of wine lovers and food service professionals.

The brand’s efforts are apparent from the details of Lucaris glasses – from the laser-cut rim that projects elegance, and the refined visual sensory statement to the absolute transparency of the glass enables wine to express its true visual characteristics; meanwhile, a special oversized bowl permits the wine to develop its tastes and aromas atop a seamless stem and stable flat base.

To promote its origins, Lucaris collections are named after Asian cities. Signature collections include Hong Kong Hip, Shang Hai Soul, Tokyo Temptation and Bangkok Blliss. As many wine lovers know, the taste of wine is not only affected by the time it takes to decant plus its temperature but is also affected by glass shape.  Different glass shapes can tease out completely different bouquets and finishes from the same wine. To assure the drinking experience is all it can be the brand designs its glasses in shapes according to the different characteristics of the wines likely to be poured. Thus, each collection comprises different glass shapes for specific wines, with glasses for Bordeaux, Burgundy, Chardonnay and Champagne.

2017 may now be behind us but Lucaris takes great pride in being the official glass crystal sponsor of The Hoteliers Award 2017. During the awards ceremony all the participants may experience the brand’s exquisite Hong Kong Hip crystal glass products, a modern and edgy collection showcasing the excellent quality, design and absolute pride the brand takes in being Asian.


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