Bormioli Rocco Casa is aiming at improving its brand awareness and user contact with social network, working with a strategy from Iaki. Bormioli Rocco Casa is Bormioli Rocco’s business unit dedicated to tableware, with EUR 440 million turnover, that produces glass and plastic containers and items for various sectors, ranging from Horeca to pharmaceuticals.

The social media project is focussed in particular on Facebook, with a ‘storytelling’ that stems from typical Italian ‘table stories’. The idea is to transform the time spent preparing the table into an important ritual to live together in the best way possible.

The company’s Facebook community has already reached and exceeded 70,000 users, with a good level of interaction. The posts link to the online shop, an indication of direct sales and higher level of b2c. Bormioli Rocco is just one of the many companies that is seeing and demonstrating how social media enables to experiment new areas of dialogue and sales.


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