Water is an element that is connected to the idea of the simplicity in many different ways more than any other element. And for some years now, many prestigious restaurants not only have a wine list but also a list of waters, giving clients the opportunity to choose the ideal type of water based on their food and its consistency, mineralization, etc.

But the most important fact is that recent scientific research carried out by the California Institute of Technology di Pasadena (The cellular mechanism for water detection in the mammalian taste system, in Nature Neuroscience), and given widespread coverage by the media, has actually identified, by means of experiments on mice, a particular flavour for water that could soon be part of the range that we already know (sweet, savoury, bitter, acid, fatty). In fact, the tongues of mice have receptors that can identify the flavour of water from other liquids.

Bormioli Luigi has once again confirmed its skills and experiencce creating this collection in line with the times, studies especially for ‘water-tasting’. The Palace Hydrosommelier line includes three glasses which, together with the Optima Acqua bottle, are aimed at three different types of water: sparkling, still and tonic.

The Palace Hydrosommelier line is made of lead-free, high-tech, superior quality blown glass that is perfectly transparent and brilliant. Moreover, the glasses are very robust and resistant to breakages and chipping.


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