Artis adds to its Vinea Glassware Collection


Vinea is a collection of machine-blown stemware, which is elegant, sophisticated and highly translucent. It is manufactured in high-tech lead free crystal glass using Bormioli’s patented SON.hyx® technique. This gives these lightweight stem glasses the characteristics of mouth-blown glass combining strength and elegance.

Independent research has proven that wine changes its taste and aroma depending on the shape of the glass it is served in. In Vinea, Luigi Bormioli has harnessed that knowledge and designed glassware to complement specific Italian wine varietals. Each of the 11 Vinea pieces has been designed to best highlight the sensorial perceptions of the grape types. There are glasses for Malvasia/Orvieto; Montepulciano/Merlot; Cannonau; Amarone; Brunello di Montalcino; Nebbiolo/Barolo; Prosecco/Coppa spumante and Trebbiano.

The four new additions for 2017 are the 55cl Cannonau and the 60cl Amarone, as well as a new 27cl flute and a stylishly shaped 30cl coupe.


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