‘Amanoi Glass’, a brand of sophisticated titanium glassware, uses high-purity titanium, finished at nano level, to create a series of glasses that provide the glassware with the reflection and refraction of light similar to rainbows and the aurora lights.

Titanium has a strong anti-erosive property equal to that of platinum or gold, and has a great affinity to the human body. It is said that it is difficult for odours and dirt to adhere to it, also breaking down unpleasant flavours.

The hue and sparkle of the titanium are further enhanced by hand polishing carried out by skilled artisans. The radiance of the titanium mirror provides multiple expressions in a single glass, changing the various colours, such as the ruby of red wine or the amber of whiskey.

Other than whiskey glasses, this special brand also includes wine glasses and beer glasses, with a total line-up of 20 varieties.


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